Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering after Graduation

Name: Kelly Rodgers
From: Boulder, Colorado
Grade: 12
School: Boulder Preparatory High School
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My first three years of high school, I practically threw my opportunity
for education into the gutter. I was offered a free experienced to
learn, however, I never took advantage of it; I coasted through my
Freshman and Sophomore years, as well as most of my Junior year. I
never thought I would go anywhere in life. However, after a
rollercoaster ride of troubling experiences, I slowly realized I had
been blinded by self hatred, laziness and pity, and knew I didn’t
want to be that person anymore. Once I came to Boulder Prep, my eyes
were completely opened. I was able to make friends, actually enjoy
classes, and apply myself way more so than before. I finally started
thinking about my future and actually caring about what became of me,
I worked incredibly hard from the moment I started attending Prep.
Sure, my success didn’t come without a few failures, but I had
grown and matured, and I knew that that was part of the process. I
had even began taking Service Learning classes and worked in a
kitchen and volunteered at an elementary school. Also, I had
volunteered for a tutor center outside of school for required hours,
yet it had been surprisingly fulfilling. I had never experienced any
type of work in my life before then, since I wouldn’t allow myself
to. However, coming to Prep prompted me to finally grow up and
realize that work is a part of life. Soon, I would have to be out in
the real world, working, and making a living. In school, I only had
to worry about coursework and attending everyday. School became a
comfort zone for me and when I had to start thinking about paying for
college, the reality of my future hit me in full force. I would have
to make a living, finish college, move out of my Mom’s house, file
taxes, and pay bills. All of this was so foreign to me and I often
wished that I hadn’t squandered my education so much. High school
is over before you know it, and I learned to appreciate those small
four years of my life and highly urge anyone else to do the same. At
a school like Prep, education is fitted to the individual learner and
that helps students thrive. Alongside that, life-long friendships are
formed and I feel like I was enabled just a taste of what type of
people will be like in the real world. Being at Prep enabled me to
take service learning and finally feel what a real, entry level job
would be like, which in turn opened my eyes to millions of
possibilities for myself and gave me a huge self esteem boost. I
built up my self confidence in my work ethic and I now feel that I
can take on the world, and I am so excited for the opportunities to

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