Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering to help back

Name: Brittany Clark
From: Morrice, MI
Grade: 12th grade
School: Morrice High School will attend Michigan state university in east lansing 8/16
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 I’ve been able to go and help with my church and assist with shelters for
those who are homeless or who are lower income. We also worked with
several releif programs to help supply those in need with food,
water, blankets, and basic necessities. During the fall, I spent
working with groups from different counties near me. I met some
amazing people whose lives were altered because of their loss.
Hearing their stories really touched me and impacted my life. It
reminded me that I shouldn’t take things for granted and helped me
to have more gratitude for the things that I do

have. Helping these people led me to want to do more for the community. Ive
worked with Salvation Army to work with various outreach programs
such as; food banks, working fundraisers, and assisted at special
events to help raise funds for these people. When you know that your
helping raise these and its going for a good cause it’s the little
things that really have the biggest impact.

These events have really gave my life meaning. They have helped me
give back to my community and shape who I am. And I really enjoying
volunteering my time to help others out when needed.

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