Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering Helps Everyone

Name: Noah Campbell Craig
From: San Antonio, Texas
Grade: 12
School: Louis D. Brandeis High School
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Helps Everyone

I have volunteered wherever volunteers are needed. I do not exactly have a preference in which I will not volunteer at a certain location or doing a certain task but as long as I am enjoying myself and am
helping others, I feel like I am making a difference. My biggest challenge that I have encountered while volunteering is probably learning how to do something new very well and stay consistent at doing said task. I once had to learn how to shrink wrap various containers and packages, so that was certainly something I had to become accustomed to and sometimes made mistakes which had to be
later fixed. One of my most memorable experiences volunteering, however, was when I volunteered at my local library to assist employees at the library with a children-involved activity day in which I led a game that the children would partake in.

From that specific volunteer position I have learned to deal with anyone no matter any current situation (some children did not know what do to because the activity was new to them) and that every
problem has a solution (the game would malfunction from time to time and that would have to be fixed somehow). I also learned that even if you do not feel like you are contributing in something towards a
greater cause, you are always helpful and have a huge importance in the grand scheme of a situation.

In the future (by which I mean college) my life will be very forward looking and will deeply involve leadership and courage/willingness. I am joining a militaristic program for college, and I know that that
will help in my future life. To me, “forward looking” means imagining life in the future and aiming for the best possible/realistic outcome for one in the future. Also, best possible/realistic outcome can be interpreted between each person, but to me it means that I foresee a successful career in my future
and I have a stable life and am content with my future current situation.

Via my volunteer activities I see to foster a new generation of children who strive to volunteer no matter the situation and they just want to volunteer to better the lives of others but also improve themselves mentally in the process. I generally lead a selfless life and I want future generations of the child volunteers to be selfless as well so they help as many people as possible. If I were to come back in ten, twenty, or even thirty years, I think my volunteer activities would have made a difference in which it would promote volunteering to others and would persuade them to volunteer as well
for the greater good.

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