Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering at home

Name: Raina Allmond
From: Baltimore, Maryland
Grade: College Junior
School: Coppin State Univeristy
Votes: 0

The area in which I have chosen to volunteer is through an on campus club
called Student Ambassadors. Our job is to give tours to anyone
interested in the university, go to other schools as a representative
outside of SGA or Royal Court, host open houses, make calls to
potential students, and more. There are many ambassadors and they
work with our schedules to make the best fit for tours or any other
events taking place where they need our assistance. The biggest
challenge as a Student Ambassador is making sure you are giving the
most valuable information that will have them interested in the
university. Coppin State University being as small as it is, there is
a high dependency on us bringing in new students. It is not just
bringing them in, but doing what needs to be done in order for them
to stay through till graduation. On the other hand, it is very
gratifying when a new academic year rolls around and someone
approaches you saying they remember you were tour guide when their
high school visited, they have met new people and are enjoying their
college career thus far. From this volunteer position I have learned
just how much goes into producing a student body. I can see the
pressure the staff in administration has alone. I have also learned
that people are likely to choose a smaller university if they see the
people here have substance and care about academics.

Looking towards the future I can see these activities as forward looking
because I am contributing to my university. In order to be a school
there has to be students. As a student ambassador that is our main
focus. Cater to potential students to make them a part of the
on-campus population. Not only that, but make sure they are getting
all they need here for what their future goals are. “Forward
looking” to me means just that. Looking at generations beyond your
own and making sure they will be set. I plan to take these teachings
with me in my career by taking the selflessness acquired and exuding
that onto others to potentially influence them to volunteer in their
own way. If I was to come back ten, twenty, thirty years I think my
volunteer activities would have made a difference because we always
promote others to become Ambassadors and when they see it is
something we cherish it brings forth new volunteers. This is a club
that I do not see dying out because there are more than enough people
with love for Coppin and would like nothing more than to radiate that
onto incoming freshmen.

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