Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – How Volunteering Has Impacted My Life

Name: Danielle Terry
From: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Grade: 12th
School: US Grant
Votes: 2

Volunteering Has Impacted My Life

Danielle Terry

During The May 20th Moore Tornado in 2013, I assisted my church in building
shelters for those who lost their homes. We also worked with
various relief programs to help supply those in need with food,
water, blankets, and the basic necessities. Throughout the summer I
spent many nights working with youth groups from all across the
nation. I met some amazing people whose lives were altered because of
this natural disaster. Hearing their stories really touched me and
impacted my life. It reminded me that I shouldn’t take things for
granted and helped me to have more gratitude for the things that I do
have. Helping these people led me to want to do more for the
community. I joined Upward Bound to work with various outreach
programs such as; food bank, working carnivals for the inner urban
kids, and assisted at bowling events for the Special Olympics. I got
to meet this really great person named Riley. She has cerebral palsy
and wasn’t able to bowl by herself .Seeing her participate and
seeing the way she smiled when she knocked down a pin reminded me
that it’s the little things that really have the biggest impact.
The Special Olympics Bowling was my favorite volunteer opportunity.
These events have really gave my life meaning. They have helped me
give back to my community and shape who I am.

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