Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering Journey

Name: Khalil Bradley
From: East Point , Georgia
Grade: 12th
School: Tri-Cities High School
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Khalil Bradley


I have been volunteering basically my whole life, with a variety of different
programs. I have always had the urge to help others at any giving
time. There was a time where I helped feed the homeless on every
holiday and I was glad to see that I was helping them brought so much
joy to their faces and to see that it actually gave them hope. People
don’t understand that if you volunteer you are giving your complete
all to someone else who needs that support and who needs that extra
person in their life with them and it was fun to actually get to know
a lot of people from different backgrounds, and states. Helping feed
the hungry showed me that I am very fortunate and that I shouldn’t
be ungrateful about all the things that I have or to complain about
the accessories that I have till this day. I also have volunteered to
help watch children and that was an amazing experience too because
children are so fun and outgoing and it makes you just melt to see
happiness all over their faces and to see that they mean no harm to
anyone, that they just like to run around and play all day and then
to eventually sleep. It’s just amazing for me to experience things
like that because to see that I could help the youth made me feel
like a big leader because the good that they see me doing maybe one
day, they will say that they want to be just like me when they grow
up. My responsibilities as a volunteer was to help people get the
food they want, to help them get different clothes of their sizes,
and to also give them items so that they could bathe properly. I
spend about 4 to 6 hours every day volunteering. I help every day
after school do tutorial and to help children do their homework and
to tutor them with anything that they have problems with. I always
look for different things to help around my school with to make sure
that we are up and running at a smooth pace so that people would
recognize when I’m trying to do something good for our school.

Volunteering played a big role on my life because to see that I
could make a change in an individual’s world made me feel very
special and it made me feel that I have a big impact on someone’s
life. It makes me want to strive every day to do something good and
to succeed in life because I would like to do things that would have
a younger person to look up to me and to see that he is actually
doing something good for himself, but people would like to do the
same things that I’m doing because they see that I am volunteering
and doing all of these extra-curricular activities to stay out of
trouble and others would do the same to follow in my footsteps too,
to make sure that they follow a good leader as myself footsteps.

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