Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering on the Lake

Name: Tyler Wells
From: San Antonio, Texas
Grade: Senior
School: Business Careers High School
Votes: 0

Tyler Wells

On the summer of 2015, I volunteered for 10 hours on Canyon Lake for
the Lake Canyon Yacht Club during their Wurstfest Regatta. I was on
one of the chase boats to assist them with moving markers that marked
the course, keeping track of which boat finished in what place, and
being ready to help anybody who needed it. This experience helped me
become more responsible for myself and for others. I believe that
this experience helped me become a better person and a better reader
of different electronic device interfaces, in this case the
radar/GPS. It was far different from anything I have used in the
past, so figuring out how to use it was a good experience for me,
especially since I want to major in Information Technology. Being
able to figure out and use new devices is a key skill that is
necessary for me to succeed in my major.

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