Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering made me who I am today

Name: brittany borman
From: fort myers, fl
Grade: collge junior
School: Florida Gulf Coast University
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Life is better when I am helping others. I have over one hundred community
service hours. Yet there is one volunteer experience, that really
changed my life ; The Boys and Girls club. This organization is truly
remarkable, let me tell you about my humbling encounter there.

The Boys and Girls club is filled with remarkable youth, who always have
a smiling face. I fell in love with the club the moment I walked in.
I was able to follow around a group counselor throughout the day. I
will never forget the moment I saw a young boy hiding his face
against a wall hysterically crying. This made my heart break, and I
knew that I had to do something. I tapped him on his shoulder and
introduced myself. Through his tears he mustered up a few words. I
figured i’d better be patient, and just stood next to him saying
that I was here for him. After about ten minutes had passed, he had
finally told me what was wrong. He said he was supposed to be at
snack time, but no one was there. He did not understand why his group
was not at snack, but then it clicked for me. I had realized that the
time had changed the night before. I explained to him what “spring
forward” and “fall back” meant, I encouraged him not to worry,
that everything was just an hour pushed back. He stopped crying, and
I led him to where his group was. He gave me a huge hugged and
thanked me.

I told an administrator at the club about this incident, and they told
me that this boy was autistic. They said that he never embraces
anyone, and is very difficult to talk to. Yet I had gotten through to
him, it was in that moment I knew what my calling in life was; to be
a children’s psychologist.

In summation, volunteering has shaped my life. I am so humbled to have
found a career path from such a remarkable experience. My life will
never be the same, and I am so excited to be able to go to college
and get a degree that will change the lives of children for the
better, just like they have changed mine.

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