Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – What Volunteering Means To Me

Name: Kira Marice Stahly
From: Lincoln, Nebraska
Grade: 12
School: Lincoln High School
Votes: 0

For my entire senior
year, I have tutored a second grader named Alexa twice a week. In
total, I have worked with her for nearly 48 hours. I help her with
her homework or other things such as math, spelling, or reading that
she needs to improve. Occasionally, it gets frustrating when she
doesn’t understand something I am explaining because I want her to
comprehend, but the joy and satisfaction I feel from seeing her eyes
light up and the smile that stretches across her face when she does
understand what I’m saying is worth all the work. I feel like I
have made a difference and that I actually helped someone else which
is the best feeling in the world. I have volunteered for many other
things, but this is one opportunity that I will always hold dear to
my heart. Before I began tutoring, I didn’t know exactly what I
wanted to go to school for or what career I wanted to pursue. I heard
about this volunteer opportunity first in my Student Council, and
because being a teacher was something I had thought about pursuing, I
decided to try it. I was “forward looking” to my future and
thought this could be beneficial practice if I did decide to become a
teacher. I believe that tutoring Alexa helped me somewhat visualize
what I would spend the rest of my career doing. Being able to work
with her, and personally see her improvement from week to week, made
me realize how big of an impact teaching has. It is because of her
that I want to spend the rest of my life teaching and helping kids. I
love the bond that I have made with her and I hope to do that with
many others. This community service allowed me to help a student who
ended up helping me, too. I hope that I made an impact in her life
like she did for me. In twenty years when I look back at this
experience, I hope that I made a difference in her life by motivating
her to put an effort into school work.

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