Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering at a Nursing Home

Name: Rachel Korba
From: Copiague, NY
Grade: Softmore (10)
School: Walter G O' Connell Copiague High School
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I volunteer at Broadlawn Nursing Home. Many youth nowadays volunteer for reasons
such as community service hours.. But that is not the case with me. I
wanted to volunteer, I wanted to keep people company, and I wanted to
make others smile.

I make sure the residents are happy; whether it is coloring with them,
reading a book, the list goes on. Volunteering for me is making those
who are older and unable to live at their old homes feel good and
warm their hearts through my warm spirit and kind heart.

In the Summer I tend to volunteer one or plus times a week for two
hours; but during the school year unless I volunteer almost every
Saturday and have volunteered over forty hours and it feels great.

As much as volunteering makes me feel good it is also very tiring on the
brain. Going into a nursing home to volunteer can be very
overwhelming. From one floor to the other you have different levels
how well people can communicate, remember, etc. I have to say this is
the hardest part. It requires a lot of patience; it is impossible to
volunteer without it. You have to make sure you speak loudly, talk
slow, listen, and be ready to repeat yourself! Your surroundings are
filled with other elderly and some have gone through tough times…
some are ill and it can get hard.

The biggest satisfaction I have volunteering is coming back and having
many remember me. I have met many people.. I have created a close
relationship with Stephanie and met her the first time I volunteered.
I have grown to really love her and enjoy spending time with her.
Although it requires a lot of patience and time, it’s well worth it
because everyone ends up happy when the volunteer time is over, but a
little disappointed I won’t be back until next week.

I have learned a lot about myself since volunteering. I have learned
that my patience has grown even more since volunteering! I have
learned that I am truly a good person and that through happy and sad
times I have changed people’s hearts talking to them.

Although I do not want to be a nurse or major in other jobs having to do with
the elderly, I do plan on becoming an elementary school teacher and
the patience I have in the nursing home will most definitely transfer
over to the young. I plan on volunteering into adulthood.

As my friends sadly will pass away one day, I hope they will leave
feeling happy as I tried my best to make everyone smile and feel
good. I hope I impacted their lives as much as they impacted mine.
The feeling is great even when you leave feeling exhausted.

I am a volunteer and am proud of it.

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