Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering is a passion

Name: Jonah Cedar
From: La Porte, Indiana
Grade: Senior
School: La Porte High School
Votes: 0

Volunteering is my biggest passion. I volunteer in my hometown of La Porte
whenever I get the chance. I don’t do it for any specific
organization; however when I see someone in need, I go. I have
tutored my peers in math when I see that they need help; I have done
housework and yardwork for various people in the community who have
seeked help; I have taken time to help run events at my school and
traveled with groups from my school who are low on help and need it
to succeed to where they need to go. It doesn’t matter to me what
needs to be done or who needs help. Through my eyes, I see a world of
people who are more capable than what they let themselves believe. I
see each and every person as someone who deserves a chance and as
someone who needs to live their one wild and precious life the way
they were meant to live it. I want to make this a world a positive
and safe place to live; where happiness is an abundance, and love
thrives as the infinity that we see every night we look into the
stars. My biggest challenge as a volunteer has been not having enough
time to dedicate my time to everything. I have to pick one change to
make a time and that is difficult for me but I want to see
improvement for the lives of people being mass produced on assembly
lines. However, I know that is not possible, but I move forward. I
move forward because if there is anything that volunteering has
taught me, it is that you can have all of the things in the world,
and all the money needed to buy those things. You can be known by
millions as the greatest person on the planet and one that has
achieved a multitude of things. But the most satisfaction that a
person can have in this world, is seeing the look in the eyes of
another person who you have helped in some way. Nothing is more
fulfilling in this world. I see my actions as forward looking because
in order to have satisfaction in my own life, I need to create
satisfaction in the lives of others, and through that, I hope to
create a more positive and effective world to live in. I want to be a
teacher after a graduate and with that, I hope to impact the future
into a new way of thinking where challenges are embraced and moments
are seized with full potential. In ten, twenty, or thirty years from
now, if I see one person who may have been affected by my passion to
help others, I will have made a bigger difference than I could have
ever hoped for.

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