Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering Runs Through My Viens

Name: Kayla M. Crain
From: Walla Walla, Washington
Grade: College Sophomore
School: Washington State University
Votes: 4

Volunteering Runs Through My Veins By: Kayla M. Crain

Volunteering runs in my family and through my bloodstream. I have been
volunteering since I was four years of age. The programs I volunteer
in I like to categorize as community support and safe family fun. I
choose to be a big part (on the committees/behind the scenes) of
these activities because I love to stay busy, constantly meet new
people, and make a positive impact on my community by giving them
things to do as a family, with friends, and stay safe.

As of right now, I attend three meetings a month, make phone calls,
communicate through social media/email, and am always collecting
donations. Per month, I put in 10-15 hours easily. Per week, I put in
anywhere from 2-5 hours. Per year, I put in over 100 hours of time
for the events I am involved in.

As a volunteer in my community, I have many responsibilities and duties
to bring the most energy and fun event I can to the families I am
surrounded by. Some of my responsibilities include: calling people
who have donated in the past and try to get them to donate again,
mailing letters and meeting reminder cards to the people who have
signed up online, sorting and displaying memorabilia, finding
volunteers, calling the people we pay for chairs, tables, food,
music, etc., security, raising money, speaking on stage, coming up
with possible fundraisers, designing flyers and or advertisements,
picking up supplies, and set up.

The biggest challenge I have as a volunteer is delegating a job to
someone else, and not automatically doing a job myself, so that I
know it gets done correctly. It is hard for me to my trust into
someone, especially if I have not known them a long time, and then
allowing them to make mistakes to learn from.

Satisfaction is unique to each one of us, and what gives me satisfaction from
volunteering, could be the complete opposite for someone else. What
gives me satisfaction in volunteering is the smile and joy something
so small can bring to someone such as a parent who cannot take their
children anywhere because they do not have the money to spare.

Volunteering is rewarding because every single time I volunteer, I learn something
new. Knowledge holds power, and I use this power to make a
difference. The best thing I have learned in all of these years of
volunteering is to get to know how to work with all types of people
from different backgrounds, countries, ethnicities, size, and so much
more. This skill is so important in the workplace and it is something
you must be able to do to work with (instead of against) your

Most of the work I do in these events, gives me the opportunity to work
with children which is my career goal in the next ten years. My
interest of volunteering prepares me for my career in Counseling
Psychology and I know that by volunteering more often, I am able to
learn about my strengths, weaknesses, and new interests.

Forward Looking means to think ahead, prepare for the future, be ready for
anything. My activities are teaching me social skills, problem
solving, and organization; all qualities which I will need to become
a school counselor.

The change I seek to foster is to provide equal opportunities for
families to have fun no matter what their income level is. Family is
one of my biggest values and I hope through volunteering that I am
able to share that value.

My volunteer activities will have a positive impact on my community even
ten, twenty, or thirty years forward because I know that family is
important to my community, and someone will aspire to keep these
activities going on so that future generations learn to value family
just as much as us.

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