Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering at VBS

Name: Daniel Carranza
From: San Antonio , Texas
Grade: 12th
School: Holmes High School
Votes: 0

Back when it was 2013 I decided to help at a church program called
VBS (vacation bible school). I helped volunteer because I remember
when I was younger, I enjoyed being taught and assisted at VBS.
Vacation bible school lasts for a week during a summer and each day
consists of four hour activities. In total, I have completed eighty
hours since I continued helping out for the following years. As a
volunteer at VBS, I helped seat the kids down, set tables for lunch,
clean up, sweep, play games and occasionally help with teaching and
crafts. My biggest challenge as a volunteer was getting a certain
pair of troublemaking kids to pay attention. They were a bit rude and
hyper but they eventually paid attention. The most satisfying moment
as a volunteer was getting to play songs for the kids at VBS. They
enjoyed it and never got to hear me play guitar before. They were
very impressed. As a volunteer, I learned that I needed to have some
qualities that will make me a great leader. I practiced being
patience, loud and understanding. My volunteer work is kind of in
line with my future plans. I plan to gain a degree in business. In
the business world, being social is everything so I got a chance to
constantly communicate when I was in VBS.

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