Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – volunteering is a work of heart

Name: Alison Perdomo
From: Round Rock, TX
Grade: High School Senior
School: Round Rock High School
Votes: 49

Ever since I came to Texas (three years ago), I have experience great events
that have changed my life. One of them is being able to volunteer
with Grape Up Organization.
In this day in age, community service
is the key to a better future for society, it bring whole new chances
and opportunities that can make your life happier. In Grape Up our
mission was to provide fully-inclusive, free fun to children of all
abilities in the Austin area. After volunteering with them I realized
how important was for the families of the children to have this type
of Organizations. My tasks included a diversity of activities such as
giving instruction to the kids, drawing and painting with them, and
playing. I think one of the biggest challenges, as a volunteer was to
see how many families need support for their children, economically
and mentally. However, in this organization I met awesome parents
that even though they were striving, they fight for their family and
from that I learned that these kids need more attention than I could
imagine. This organization went from June to August every Saturday. I
would estimate that I spent 3 hours volunteering, and 1 hour
organizing before the events start. My future plan is to be able to
help people around the world, considering to use my career goal to
make organizations just like this one, including organizations for
parents as well. Any amount of money given to me would be beneficial
for my future, and for my family too. I think that if I were to come
back ten years, these volunteer activities as small as they may seem
they had made a huge difference in my life and in the children. I
believe that any way I can continue helping, and the thing that make
me happy is that I have the desires in my heart to keep doing it.

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