Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering is Worth Doing in the community

Name: Henoc Emmanuel Benavides
From: Desert Hot Springs , CA
Grade: 11th grade
School: Desert Hot Springs High School
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Volunteering for the last year has helped me become a better leader within my
family and outside home. It takes a lot of effort and time in order
to volunteer which sometimes interferes with the school work of the
individual. I received a calling from God that told me that he needed
my help to raise funds for the Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church. I
decided to help as soon as I received that calling because I had been
a member from the church for a long time. On Sundays I woke up at six
in the morning and arrived at church by seven working until one in
the afternoon. I had many responsibilities as a volunteer which
included taking care of the money, buying the food, and helping
cleaning up.

My biggest challenge as a volunteer was dedicating time to help because
sometimes I had many assignments needed to complete for the weekend.
I am a student that always focuses on school work because my grades
will determine my future. I knew that volunteering was my number one
commitment because it showed my dedication to help my community. What
gave me the most satisfaction as a volunteer at the church was how
the people would always admire my effort in helping my community and
how I can motivate other youth to volunteer.

I have learned that volunteering can make the individual become more
connected with the public and gain experience that can later be used
in order to help others. In addition, I had the opportunity to learn
how to attract the person’s attention to buy the food during the
sales. Volunteering has helped me become more organized after
decorating during the events the church has to celebrate.
Volunteering can be seen as a preparation for the future because it
can help the youth feel more comfortable in completing major tasks
such as working on a job.

Looking towards the future, I see my activities as forward looking because
soon I will depend on them as I will still support my church and
other organizations when I form a family. Forward looking to me means
foreshadowing the events that will take place during a person’s
lifetime and how they can help the individual become prepared for
anything. In addition, it means how a person will be willing to live
correctly with the help of their family members and friends from a
community. I would want for more youths to volunteer in the community
especially the ones at church because older people need their help.
If I were to come back in ten, twenty, or even thirty years, I think
that my volunteer activities would have made a difference in my
community because more youths would more likely volunteer to help out
the church which will make the church to look more modern.

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