Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – My Volunteering

Name: Brittany Diaz
From: WESLACO, Texas
Grade: High School Senior
School: Weslaco East High School
Votes: 1

I started to properly volunteer when I was a Freshman in High School,
because I found a school club that revolved around volunteering
around the community and I absolutely fell in love with the idea of
helping others Every year I joined the club to get involved with my
community, and the people who are apart of it.

I’ve never dedicated myself to one specific type of volunteering, because
I believe in helping everyone, and not just limiting myself to one
group. With my school club, we volunteer to do things every month or
so, so each month we volunteer for at least three hours. One event we
have coming up (April 23rd) we will be going to the beaches where
spring break was held and we will be cleaning up the trash left

Some of my responsibilities as a Volunteer (and president of the club)
involve, Leading the volunteer groups, setting examples, working
twice as hard (even if it means being the last to leave an event),
and making sure everyone involved in the event is doing their work as
well as the people we are helping have everything they may need. With
all the responsibilities of being a leader in our volunteering club,
the hardest challenge is making sure everyone involved is doing
everything they are assigned to do.

A lot of students will sign up to go and do volunteer work with our
club, but sometimes they won’t show up at all, or when they do, they
won’t do the work assigned to them, and I, as leader, will have to
make sure it somehow gets done. And it’s a lot of work to get done,
but even so with the people who don’t do their work, it’s worth it.

Seeing that the people we’ve helped are happy and are okay after the event
is done, is the greatest feeling of satisfaction. I’ve never felt
anything more pleasing than helping someone else, or just making
their day brighter. It might be a different type of enjoyment, but
there really is nothing that feels better.

I’ve learned that there’s a lot someone can do to make someones life
better, to help someone out with no payment, is a beautiful thing,
and I respect everyone who goes out of their way to help someone in

I used to be unable to say exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up,
but after joining the club at my school, I’ve realized I wanted to
somehow help people, I wanted to teach them… And so, I decided I
would become a teacher. Who else truly helps people, and teaches
them types of lessons they can take home to their families? To be a
teacher and help other children know, and learn, and grow, it would
be an honor. And to see them want to help others as well, it would
just be a wonderful dream.

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