Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteerism

Name: Kayla Rodriguez
From: Weatherford, Texas
Grade: 12
School: Weatherford High School
Votes: 1

Volunteering is a wonderful experience for any person; big or small, young or old. Now I know volunteering gets a certain stigma from some people, -like, “It’s just a way for lazy people o get free stuff from those who work hard.”-, but it’s not what one might think. Trust me, I was that person. I use to think that volunteering was a little
overrated, or was something that only church-goers did; that it required me to go feed the hungry and build places for the homeless. My view on volunteering completely changed once I started.

This past year, my Senior year and Weatherford High School, and opportunity rose: If a student did at least 50 hours of volunteer work, they would receive a cord at graduation. Considering the fact I hadn’t done much with my life in my early years of high school, I figured I would try the volunteer thing out: it wouldn’t hurt me to try, right? So I signed up and began my work.

My first volunteer job was at the Willow Park 5k Marathon for HOSA. The job was simple: help volunteers out with food and water distribution, cheer on the competitors, all pretty easy. It wasn’t my favorite thing in the world, but it showed to me that volunteer work wasn’t as bad as it seemed. I ended up enjoying much of the work I did. More than anything is allowed me to meet some wonderful people, and this was no truer at any job than it was with the final job I did for my Criminal Justice Club.

We had gone for competition not in the later part of the year once, were I had made friends with several of the other competing students from several of the other competing schools. Although I hadn’t made it past Regional, the club teachers had invited all that had gone to competition to come and help volunteer at the State Competition, as
the organization that ran the competitions were always looking for volunteers. This lead to me participating in State as a volunteer, and being able to meet many of those who had been at the previous
competition who were doing the same thing as me. I left the event in total with wonderful memories and a renewed spring in my step to continue my passion for Law Enforcement.

I ended up working 59 hours of volunteer hours over the course of the year, and I plan to continue to help volunteering with the TPSA in order to help encourage young students interested in perusing a career in Public Services. I wish to help support the organization and our future set of inspiring Public Service workers through my
volunteer work. as Public Service Careers are so important to our society. If my work could do that: I think I could be quite satisfied with my little corner of volunteer work.

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