Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteerism

Name: Tyler Buzzard
From: Hesperia, California
Grade: Sophmore
School: Oak Hills High School
Votes: 0

I believe a commitment to volunteerism is important because It
encourages goodwill. Personally, I have spent many hours and days
working with the AYSO soccer league. Since I was young I have helped
my cousin, who had hydrocephalus when she was born. It was not found
until she was 3 years old. I have gone to multiple volunteer events
with my cousin and the groups she is in, such as the Friendship
Circle and  AYSO soccer league. I have played in multiple
tournaments with the AYSO soccer league. I believe that volunteering
is a very great thing to do, because it helps people.

Volunteerism is important because it encourages people to help others. This causes
people to become close socially. Many people now volunteer all across
America and worldwide. There are multiple charities that have helped
millions of people with very dedicated people, who have dedicated
their lives to helping people. Some people volunteer to clean up a
city, town, or street. Many people donate large amounts of money to
charities, such the Gates family, who donate millions of dollars to

Personally, I have donated my time in helping out my cousin and play in AYSO
soccer tournaments with my cousin. I have also gone to the Friendship
Circle with my cousin, where she plays guitar. I find that
volunteering is a very noble cause. The best charities are the ones
that avidly help people. In my opinion, volunteerism is a very
important use of time. Some people have dedicated all of their lives
to volunteering.

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