Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteerism= Life Lessom

Name: Karen Gomez
From: Houston, Texas
Grade: 12
School: Kipp Houston High School
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= Life Lesson

Is that time of the year when everyone is drinking Hot chocolate,
wearing winter boots, and Jingle Bells is on the radio. Winter is
one of my favorite seasons. Houston population lowers during this
season, because everyone leaves to other states to spend Christmas
with their family. This past year my family and I spend Christmas eve
in church which was pretty exciting, because I volunteered to work
with the kids from ages 4-12 to have a presentation on Christmas eve.

it was the time of year where kids love to sing I decided to do the
presentation of the song Happy Birthday Jesus. I started rehearsing
the song with all the kids in a classroom. In the beginning all the
kids were excited as I was. Until the third rehearsal, the kids
projection was low because, they were bored and tired of rehearsing.
I understood them, but I wanted the presentation to come good. I
started be more enthusiasm and gave them more free time.We practice
the song for 30 minutes and the rest for 25 minutes, I allowed them
to see a movie or play 7 up. I was happy to see them more committed to
the presentation.

It was Christmas eve and it was time for our presentation. All the girls
looked cute with their white and red dresses as the kid looked
handsome with black pants and white dress shirt. Everything came out
good ,the kids did a good job.What I learn from Volunteering is what
is nice to give back to the community, by putting time and effort
into something, something beautiful most come out of it. As well
volunteering is an adventure and who’s not up to an adventure?.

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