Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteerism: What it means to me and how I do it

Name: Zach Wong
From: Fair Oaks, California
Grade: High School Senior
School: Del Campo High School
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Zach Wong

What it means to me and how I do it

By definition, volunteerism is the policy or practice of volunteering one’s time or
talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities,
especially in one’s community. To me, volunteering is when someone
performs a good deed without the expectation of getting paid money.
Volunteering is doing things for others out of the goodness of your
heart. Many people have been given the opportunity to volunteer their
time and effort in order to do something good for others. Many,
however, do good deeds expecting to get paid. That is not what
volunteering is about at all. It’s about helping others in a time
of need and wanting nothing but the satisfaction that one gets after
they have volunteered and have done a great thing.

The way I volunteer is by helping out on some big projects as well as doing a lot of
little things for a variety of organizations and programs. The place
that I volunteer at the most is at one of my old schools named Saint
John the Evangelist School. It is a Catholic institution that teaches
children from kindergarten all the way to the 8th grade.
On certain occasions, the school will hold events, and what I do is
help out at those events by doing whatever it is that the event
leaders need me to do. One of the events I volunteered at was an
annual three-day craft fair the school holds every November. I
volunteered by helping out in the kitchen and getting food prepared
for the vendors as well as the customers that were at the event. I
did it all three days for a majority of each of the days. I didn’t
expect to get paid and I wasn’t paid. The satisfaction I get from
volunteering is more than enough payment than anything else. I
absolutely love helping others achieve what they want in life. I have
learned many life lessons as well as received wisdom from many people
at the places I have volunteered at. The things that I have learned
by volunteering can easily be incorporated into my daily life on top
of my career goals. These lessons will give me what I need in order
to succeed in my future as an Emergency Room doctor. I am so proud to
volunteer and I plan on volunteering every opportunity that I get.

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