Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteerism



Volunteering is something that I started earlier than most. My volunteering began
in middle school, as opposed to the average of starting to give back
once in high school. The way I started volunteering was at a walk for
cancer raising funds for the Susan G. Komen organization. The reason
I chose to volunteer in this area is because cancer is such a
widespread issue and causes so much loss and unneeded despair each
and every year that doing even the smallest of things to help find a
cure is beneficial. My responsibilities during this event were to
help organize the event and to also walk and assist in the actual
fundraising as well.

My biggest challenge as a volunteer has been finding the time to keep
everything organized and to ensure that I had enough time to work on
personal things outside of volunteering. When I began volunteering it
was especially difficult as I did not know how to balance everything,
but as time went on it grew easier to go maintain the time to do
everything I wanted. What has given me the most satisfaction as a
volunteer remains the sense of actually making a difference and
feeling as though I did something worthwhile. At first I was not able
to see the direct benefit of the work the organization did, but after
seeing the number of survivors who walked with us grow, it was easy
to maintain a sense of working for something greater. Another befit
of working as a volunteer was being given the chance to learn
something from my position. What my position helped me to learn was
how to be a follower and how to follow an organized chain of command.
Through the order of staff and how we were organized, the
organization was able to maintain an easy sense of who was in charge
and who to go to if any questions arose, which helped greatly in
keeping things moving smoothly and quickly.

My future career goals unfortunately do not have much to do with the
organization I volunteered for. As of now, I am seeking an education
in economics so that I can eventually become an economist and work
for a fortune 500 company. I do not doubt the fact that through my
volunteer work I have learned skills that will eventually come to
help me in my career, through knowing how to be a good follower I can
become an even greater leader. My activities have been “forward
looking” because my actions will directly benefit those in the
future, and although I may not benefit, those that come after me will
and those who are affected byt his terrible disease will as well. The
change I wish to foster is a change so that no one will have to
suffer from this malicious ailment in the future. In thirty years
hopefully there will be a dramatic decrease in deaths as a direct
result from cancer.

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