Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteerism’s importance

Name: Ruel Damaree Gordon
From: Hopewell, Hanover
Grade: Senior/12th grade
School: Herbert Morrison Technical High School
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Volunteerism’s importance

A humanitarian, according to the oxford dictionary, is defined as a
person who seeks to promote human welfare. A proficient way to show
humanitarianism is to do tasks for free more popular known as to
volunteer. Volunteerism is a necessity to promote human empathy,
displaying kindness to others by supplying free labor. It is
beneficial to the worker and the person whom the work is being done
for. Volunteerism builds character, provides insight and exposes
younger individuals to the working world at an early stage.

A people person like myself desires to help individuals in our
communities and schools to the best of our abilities. Hence forth, it
is of great magnitude we assist in a way that our talents are closely
related to. I love entertaining younger children and I am also a math
major in school. I volunteered as a child care provider for a month
and a half, which was a fun and enthralling experience if I might add
and I also make myself available for my classmates and younger
schoolmates by teaching or assisting with mathematics. I spent 4-5
hours, five days a week, for 6 weeks as a child care provider
entertaining younger children with games and fun educational
activities. As a “math teacher”, I spend most evenings after
school for at least half an hour sharing any tips and secrets I have
for getting better at the subjects. Because of this, many math
teachers have walked by, noticed and asked me to assist in their
lessons when they will be late for session or not there altogether
which I found fun most times.

My most challenging experience was volunteering to teach CAPE math to my
fellow classmates. At first I thought it would be very easy because
of my experience with the topic however, I soon realized it was
actually a tremendously difficult thing I took upon myself. This was
because no one in the class could understand the topic the same way I
did and this made it problematic to share. This made me flex my brain
muscles and I found using jokes and comedic banter an extremely easy
method of teaching my classmates that specific topic. This made me
feel really accomplished and taught me everything is possible with
some extra thinking.

To me, forward looking means future affecting or future impacting. I can
state my acts of volunteerism is forward looking considering all my
colleagues made sure to say if it was not for my jokes they would not
have passed that math test given that month. My interaction with the
children allowed them to truly understand and appreciate the value of
happiness. I’d like to believe in the future when these children
are spreading happiness or my old colleagues sharing math with their
future colleagues was a result of my valued and profuse volunteerism.

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