Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteers Are the People That Can Make an Impact On the World

Name: Kyler Sloan
From: Citrus Heights, California
Grade: High School Sophomore
School: Bella Vista High School
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Are the People That Can Make an Impact On the World

The world would not be the same without volunteers. The main cause I have
chosen to volunteer for is neglected and abused animals. The first
time I was introduced to how many neglected and abused animals there
are in the world was when my mom took me to an SSPCA book sale. The
first time I went, I was only four years old. After coming for
multiple years, the other volunteers asked me if I would like to help
them. When I was helping them, I got to see a lot of the animals that
they have in their shelter. Just recently, I was volunteering at the
book sale and one of the other volunteers was caring for 5 one week
old kittens that had been abandoned. Seeing these animals in need
really stuck with me, especially being I was exposed to it at such a
young age. I always volunteer for their book sales that they have
twice a year. Also, I have started a club at my high school
supporting animal rights. I decided to create this club because I
know that by myself, I can only help so many animals. With the help
of 50 people, so many more animals can be helped. Some of the bigger
challenges I am facing as a volunteer is getting people involved.
However, with the help of my friends we have been successfully able
to expand the club to reach as many people as possible. All of this
work is very gratifying though. At the end of the day, knowing that
at least one animal was helped makes me feel very happy and
fulfilled. Later on in life, I want to have a career that I feel made
a change at least in my community, I want to know that my life has
made a difference. I also don’t want there to be animals to are
suffering, I want them to be able to live a comfortable life like I
am able to live. I could not ask for more in my life as I feel I am a
very fortunate person. Not everyone can have this and not everyone
has a choice. Kittens and dogs do not choose to be left behind. If I
can give them even a little of what I have, that could change their
live for the better.

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