Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Voluntering at H.A.A.M

Name: David Kisivuli
From: Houston, Texas
Grade: Junior
School: Baylor University
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David Kisivuli

Youth Forward


at H.A.A.M

I began volunteering at Humble Area Assistance Ministries (H.A.A.M), my
junior year of high school to gain credits for National Honors
Society. H.A.A.M is a non-profit organization that strives to give
back to those in need around the community. Ever since I started, I
would usually volunteer about 7/1/2 hours from 10a.m-5:30p.m. My
responsibilities were simple, I was to help the employees and/or
community service workers pick up donations coming into the store
where they would checked to make sure that they were good enough to
be sold in the store. It was simple but hard work because donations
would come in non-stop and would vary from 100- pound furniture to
rows of unpacked, used clothes. My hardest challenge would be when we
had to bring out unsold furniture from the storage to the front of
the shop to be sold in H.A.A.M’s weekly yard sale all done in 90
degree Houston heat. Despite the harsh temperatures and never-ending
cycle, I’m most grateful for what H.A.A.M taught me. The
opportunity was one of my first in volunteering, and it first taught
me sacrifice, as I could have spent my Saturday doing something
selfishly rewarding but instead I was giving up my time for someone
else. Furthermore I learned that my contribution was fulfilling a key
cog in the overall scope of providing resources for the people in
need in this community, and that was personally gratifying.

Volunteering to me however is far more than just sacrificing my time, volunteering
is a ‘service’, service meant to make someone else’s life
significantly better. Although it took me a long time to understand
that, I’m glad I did because ‘service’ is a big part of what my
career path entails. As a medical doctor, service is central to their
profession. You accept, administer, and tend to patients to best
maximize their ‘well-being’, not much different from what
volunteering at H.A.A.M asks of you. For in H.A.A.M, although it
wasn’t direct, what I did in that retail-store was ultimately
providing for the well-being of those who could not in my community.
My service in H.A.A.M was and is definitely ‘forward-looking’ as
I see it as foreshadow to my career as a doctor, but as a medical
doctor however I will be ‘serving’ patients as a profession and a
career, but even more importantly I will be doing it in a way that is
also intrinsically motivating. I just hope that before I reach my
goal as a medical doctor, I will not only be building my resume but
making multiple people’s life significantly better in the process.
I hope in 10 or 20 years my accomplishments in volunteering/community
service will still be reaping its fruit and I can come back to
H.A.A.M and meet my old employees and customers, and we cannot only
reminisce but also talk about how my dedication to volunteering is
still making a difference for them to this day.

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