Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Voulenteer

Name: George Burns
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George Burns

Volunteering Essay

I volunteer at my small high school. I am a senior and help constantly at school
with the younger kids who want to be future engineers like me. I
volunteered for a total of 40 hours. My job was to organize all of
the parts so the kids would know where the pieces they needed were. I
also helped to show them how to build the robot we made for the state
wife championship. My responsibility was to make sure that the kids
got something out of this class. I really enjoying helping them and
teaching them how to do these amazing things. The hardest part had to
be the robot itself honestly. We got the basic parts we needed down
and constructed, the problem was getting them to fit and function
correctly. The robot was to be mobile and carry other small bots and
pick up tiny plastic balls. I loved every moment of it, getting to
know the younger kids and getting to show them how fun being an
engineer can be. We need more engineers in the world to design bigger
and better and things to help others in life. That’s what I felt the
best about. Knowing I helped these kids who in the future might
invent something that’ll change the world for the better.

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