Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Warmth to Thriving Flowers

Name: Nathalie Sarju
From: Orlando, Florida
Grade: Junior at UCF
School: University of Central Florida
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Forward Scholarship Essay

Senior year of high school, I learned through volunteering at a local middle
school, life can be cruel. All it takes is just one person to change

Some girl called me ugly today,” Thamar cried one day, with a frown upon
her face. I embraced her in a warm hug, reassuring her of her true
inner and outer beauty. Thamar saw this as a true light in her life.
After not attending Richmond Middle School one Wednesday afternoon,
Thamar wrote me an emotional letter. If without realizing it I could
affect one young girl to believe and embrace her identity, I imagined
all the possibilities I could create for other adolescence.

I view volunteering as a chance to help the sprout of a child thrive as
a hopeful flower. They can be in their darkest place, but they’re
just being planted, to thrive in life. Through volunteering and
eventually as a licensed social worker, I’m prepared to alter the
meaning of “service” in others’ eyes, providing warmth to the
germinating seeds that are adolescence in need. As a student at UCF,
I am starting a Women and Youth Supporting Each Other chapter. I am
excited for the initiation of WYSE that focuses on positive
leadership and successful future for young women at different middle
schools through mentor-mentee bonds. I am also a UCF Cares
Ambassador, an active member of Psi Chi, Psychological Society,
Active Minds, a member of Tau Sigma and pre-induction for Sigma Alpha
Phi. Apart from UCF, I am a mentor for the U.S. Dream Academy in
Orlando: a position that brings me joy each week from spending time
with my mentee at Memorial Middle School. The end result of making a
positive difference in a child’s life is one I am striving for.

I want to dedicate my career to adolescence earning at a minimum, my
MSW and furthering that prestige with my LCSW. I anticipate opening
my own practice and establishing an annual event or foundation where
families come together to raise awareness and funds for a “Suicide
Prevention” foundation. I aim to more successfully align my views
with it on a month long volunteer trip to Delhi, India this summer to
make an impact in local orphanages, spreading smiles across Delhi.

My current internship at the Feeding Children Everywhere non-profit in
Orlando allows me to touch the lives of those in need regardless of
how far I am from them. Not ten years from now or after I’ve
completed school, but from the moment I change one person’s life or
make them smile I will be successful. I will be proud to say that
this scholarship has supported me in pursuing my Master Degree in
Social Work with a specialization in Child and Adolescent Clinical

With this scholarship, I’ll pursue the beautiful image of life. In
helping children and teenagers cope with their circumstances, I hope
to open their eyes to the magic of the world.

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