Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Doing well by giving back

Name: Christine El-Dirani
From: Centennial, CO
Grade: high school- senior
School: Arapahoe High School
Votes: 0

Volunteering at a hospital over the summer of my junior year in high school was one of
the greatest experiences I had ever had. Helping out in the kitchen
to make food for the patients and having the opportunity to deliver
the food to them filled me with a lot of joy. The experience allowed
me to develop a bigger interest in the medical field and observe
doctors and nurses as they interacted with the patients. I was also a
member of key club for my junior and senior year of high school,
where I volunteered in a soup kitchen and participated in events for
children with autism.

At my church, I helped provide food for certain events and sold items that helped
gather money for the church. These volunteer opportunities helped me
realize how much volunteering strengthens the community, unites
people, and promotes teamwork. I am interested in pursuing other
volunteer opportunities similar to the ones I participated in the
past. Volunteering can help me grow as an individual and gain
knowledge of local resources available to solve community needs.
Giving back to the community is very essential because it can bring
comfort and happiness to the people around me as I care for those who
are in need of assistance.

I like knowing that I can help people in my community and feel more grateful for the
things that I am so lucky to have. I can prove to those older and to
myself that I am responsible, can handle a challenge, and can help
improve people’s lives even though I am just one person, and teenager
at that. I have been raised with the idea that those who have
received talents and benefits need to give back. I am lucky to have
had and to continue to have experiences that enable me to gain new
perspectives and to develop additional skills. I have received so
much more than I have given in volunteering in my community.

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