Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – “Whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant” – Matthew 20:26.

Name: Sarah Seeman
From: Kent , Washington
Grade: 11
School: Kentridge High School
Votes: 0

I volunteer with my church whenever I have free time. I go to the non-denominational Christian church, Highlands Community Church in Renton, Washington. I choose this area because it’s easy to get ahold of my church members and I like spending time with them. In total I have volunteered probably 150 hours just during my high school career. The most important trip I want to write about is when I went on a Mission trip to Nashville, Tennessee. My church travels across the country for mission every other year and my freshman year my mom allowed me to join them. I was there for about a week helping another church start up. I had many responsibilities, but mainly I did a lot of hard labor. I helped clean out a disgusting overgrown lot for the church to turn into a parking lot. When we had extra time after finishing the lot I went over to a local elementary school and
did a lot of gardening to make the school look more presentable. My biggest challenge was my allergy problem I didn’t even know I had. Since I was working with nature and it was spring time, there was a lot of pollen and dust. The south is a lot different than where I live. I guess my eyes couldn’t handle it. But I overcame this when a church leader took me to the store and bought me eye drops. He didn’t have to do this but out of the kindness in his heart he did and I was so grateful. In the end I got the most satisfaction from feeling tired when the day was done. I could tell I worked hard when I was dead tired. I learned when you work hard you get things done really fast. Even if I hated doing yard work it would go buy faster if I worked as hard and diligently as I could. I was humbled being with such dedicated people from my church. I was tired from a day’s work, which they did almost every day as part of their service.

My interests are aligned with my volunteer work because I am very religious. I will always be religious and I am forward looking in order to have a secure future. The change I want to see in the world is people being kind to everyone else. I hate the fact that a lot of children don’t have friends because they were “weird”, that was me. I want everyone to feel happy and welcomed in their life. My volunteering in Nashville definitely made a big difference in that community because now there is a church that welcomes everyone. I am so happy I went because I loved seeing the new culture and serving the people. For Jesus said in Matthew 20:26,
“It is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant”.

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