Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Will to Make a Change

Name: Leleina Cher Antido
From: Oakley, CA
Grade: 12
School: Freedom High School
Votes: 0

Will to Make a Change

The thought of volunteering used to sound like so much work to me. I
never would’ve imagined it would be something I would enjoy. Why
should I do the work when I won’t get paid? I didn’t realize
until I volunteered to help clean up the Sand Creek Drainage Basin
that I am getting paid. I’m getting paid with the satisfaction of
helping my community. I’m getting paid with having a cleaner
environment. I’m getting paid by the kindness I get from the people
I’ve helped. It may not sound like much but it’s more than what I
could’ve asked for. Volunteering is one of the ways I give out to
my community. I like working with other people who has the same
passion for the environment as me, as well as the passion of helping
out. Plus, I get the bonus of making new friends. As a volunteer, I
picked up trash that was thrown onto the streets and ended up in the
Basin. I didn’t realize just how much waste humans produce and how
irresponsible we are about it. I learned so many things about the
environment as I volunteer and that knowledge itself is payment
enough. I’ve always loved the outdoors. Nature is something that
gives me solemn peace whenever I’m surrounded by it. It pains me to
see that we, the beings living in it, are contaminating the
environment. Volunteering used to be something I did because I had
to. Now, it’s something I do because I want to. I try to volunteer
as much as I can and learning more about the Earth as I do so. Ten
years from now, what I did might not have made a difference in the
world, but I’ll know that what I did have made a difference in me.
That is something that many of us lack, the power and will to make a
change for the better. I would like to focus my future on making
technology without abusing the environment. All these advance
technology is where many people’s lives are centered on. We cannot
see a future without them. But because of technology, there has been
many neglect on the importance of our environment. I want to see a
future where technology is used as a means of making the environment
a more sustainable place to be in and not just something we use to
ignore the beautiful world that we reside in.

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