Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The work I love

Name: Keeghan Brown
From: Allegan , MI
Grade: 12
School: Allegan High School
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My heart for volunteering all started through my experiences. During my
high school years, I volunteered for Eva’s AFC Home, Academy, Top
DAWG cheer and Allegan Homecoming Cheerleading camp. The community
events that I attended didn’t only shape me into the person I am
but the events also showed me how truly favored and thankful I am.
The most memorable moments was my first homecoming cheerleading camp,
with my cheer family, we taught girls ages 5-13 how to cheer. This
was only a three day camp for the girls, but the friendships that
were made will last forever. I am pleased to say that I have been on
a mission trip to San Jose, Belize and I am getting ready to leave on
one to Guatemala. Belize was an amazing journey. As a youth group, we
bonded and came together, we traveled to the poverty city of San
Jose, Belize. While my group was there we tiled the church floor,
painted the church and the pastor’s house, took food to families in
need and our drama team put together two dramas to share the good
news, Another opportunity that we had was holding a vacation bible
school for the kids, a volleyball tournament and a soccer tournament.
We had a lot of support not only in Belize but back home in America
too. During the time we were there, it didn’t matter what we did
all of us had smiles on our faces. With seeing and knowing their
empathy, I know that they appreciated my service and was satisfied
with our work, a lot of people ask why do you love volunteering. I
love volunteering because it reminds me of how blessed I truly am.
Also through volunteering, I have made outstanding friendships.

The biggest challenge of volunteering would definitely be the goodbyes.
From the people I met to the stories that have been shared, I will
always keep them close to my heart. From my experience, I have
learned how to be mentally prepared not only physically prepared. I
have met some truly incredible, joyful, inspiring people. They have
taught and motivated me to keep on volunteering to help out my
community. My love and effort for helping others will be continued
onto Taylor University. Where I will be majoring in exercise science
and minoring in missions. With going into the medical field and
missions, I hope to continue going on trips to help people of those
states or countries. Also I hope sharing my stories with my community
and other people, like special friends, they will inspire them to go
out and serve. Volunteering isn’t only a gain for the people you’re
serving but it’s more of an award for me.  

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