Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A Worthwhile Triumph

Name: Denise Zuniga
From: Clint, Texas
Grade: 12th
School: Clint High School
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Denise Zuniga

Forward – Scholarship Opportunity for Exemplary Volunteers

A Worthwhile Triumph

It is essential for one to perceive, project, and aim towards intentions
that are substantial when regarding that individual, for it is
through these ambitions that one will maintain a sense of yearning
and motivation, as for myself academic objectives in which I
determined to seek incorporated within myself throughout high school
where I had the ability to discover as well as practice and apply
these purposes and intentions in a current effective occassion. Not
only myself but others as well had the ability of learning positive
manners to enjoy life and a new grasp on a developed enhanced outlook
towards life itself once again, it was the aspect of how this was
performed towards students that one was able to acknowledge every
loving characteristic and facet of this experience, yet all of these
events occurred through the Special Education Department at Clint
High School.

As a life skills peer tutor, a course that allows Junior and Senior
students to work as tutors and cooperate, volunteer as well as
collaborate with students who have a particular disability, those who
are assigned as peer tutors appear at its designated classroom to
assist within the class, in addition to this peer tutors provide aid
in other activities to help students with additional assignments,
this curriculum operates in a way that accommodates intellectual,
social, occupational, and developmental requirements of the students;
I was assigned to help in the Special Education classroom where what
I believe has been a substantial attainment was being able to connect
and interact with special needs students, not only in an educational
manner but also in a personal caring presence, in which not only was
I able to successfully tutor the student in the specified subject or
task, but also create a bond of trust with my classmate. These young
individuals present to you that there is no obstacle or hardship big
enough, that every single individual has the capability of
accomplishing anything one sets their mind too, as well as that there
is no difficulty, no restriction, no calamity for one to impede the
act of joy and appreciate the earnest gift of every day. In addition,
I was able to adapt the way I tutored each student based upon the
specified manner of learning capability and understanding, as the
class concluded of contrasting personalities such as speaking to a
student in Spanish when it was needed, or altering my mannerism to
make the assignment understandable in an exciting style. Furthermore
as I became greatly familiar with each student I was able to notice
and apprehend each individual’s struggles not only in their speech
but basic aspects as well, for instance looking down when speaking,
not paying full attention, and not being able to pronounce certain
words and phrases, yet when the student slowly overcomes this it is
an exciting moment for everyone.

It was through this Life Skills course that I found my calling and the
desired career I wanted to pursue, Pediatric Bilingual Speech
Language Pathologist in which I would desire to hold my occupation at
a school, where I would be able to give aid towards students with
speech impediments, such as a lisp or a stammer.

Children with special needs come into our lives leaving footprints on our
hearts and we are never the same, which is why I want to dedicate my
life to special needs children but also to kids who need the help
that I will be able to provide. Every child should be able to receive
the assistance it is in need of, and it is something that should not
be restricted towards certain individuals, which is why I will
determine myself towards being able to offer my career towards
parents of these children and create a program that is not only
unique but also accessible towards each individual and its family.

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