Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – All Year Long

Name: Christopher Gonzalez
From: Tustin, California
Grade: 11
School: High School
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Year Long

Christopher Gonzalez

Freshman year, I could not imagine what it would be like. Working for free. I was
bored out of my mind and my brother noticed it. He knew exactly what to do.

I heard him talking to my aunt about volunteering in her Girl Scouts group. That does not interest me at all. Why would I want to be around girls my Friday nights. This made absolutely no sense. Then, I realized why they needed the help.

As an unemployed teenager, only the age of 14, I was eager of finding a job almost immediately when I turn 16. That did not result as planned. I was excited to be around a big organization and be part of a type of job situation. It was my first time having anything close to a job. Honestly I was excited.

At first, the Girl Scouts were wondering why was I there. They were a bit confused because their view of Girl Scouts in Girl Scouts only. It took a couple months for them to realize that there is a possibility for a
boy to be in Girl Scouts. I was accepted fairly well into the organization. I was glad to be a part of the group.
It all began freshman year, when I had no real worries of much and was transitioning a bit closer to the real world. I would see the supplies being given to the girls and realized that there was not much variety.

“I want pink!” yells a girl.

The only problem was that there were only five pink papers for the group of thirty girls. I was caught off guard on what I should respond to her. That was only the beginning.  Now, sophomore
year, I had realized that there were a lot more girls. Maybe, there was a lot less chairs. I asked the troop leader.

“Oh yes, there was been a couple of chairs missing from last year, we have no control over that and we must work with what we have.”She responded.

It was difficult to see how little chairs and tables there were for these three troops of girl scouts.

To the present, junior year, there has been a decrease in girls, mainly because of the limited supplies of the girl scouts troop. The girls are seeing Girl Scouts as a kind of joke. They are unsure of the real meaning of the organization.

I have stayed in this type of volunteer group only because one day I would like to be able to see the groups of Girl Scouts have the correct amount of supplies needed for them. I try to help the most I can, and I know that the least I can do is help the group of girls with setting up tables and chairs. I can see the joy of the troop’s leader when I show up every Friday to help them. They know I can be with friends
but I choose not to.

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