Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – My Years at the Preschool

Name: Leon Alexandra Gaddi
From: Lancaster, CA
Grade: SHigh School Senior
School: SOAR High School
Votes: 0

I volunteered at the preschool my little brother was going to that was
on my campus. I chose to volunteer here not only because I was able
to spend more time with my brother, but because I wanted to teach the
preschoolers the basics and be that “big sister” to guide them
and be there for them. I volunteered for two years, during my
sophomore and junior year for approximately two hours, Monday through
Thursday. I was responsible for watching the students and making sure
they cleaned up after themselves after playing and after eating. I
sometimes even played with the children because they wanted me to. I
feel that my biggest challenge was to not play favoritism among them
because my brother was there. I absolutely loved being with the
children. There was something about the way they say the world and
other people, as well as how creative and imaginative they were. I
learned that all children needs to be looked after and taught the
right from wrong because they can be turned to the wrong path; they
need someone to look after them and guide them because they need us
as much as we need them. When I am older, I want to be a pediatric
oncologist. Working with the preschoolers, it gives me more
experience in working with children.

Forward looking” to me is when I am looking into the future and visualizing
what it would be like and what steps I need to take to make sure my
future is bright. Working with those preschoolers, I know that I made
a difference in their life somehow. The children has showed me what I
want to do for all the other children out there; I want to be there
for them and teach them things that they haven’t been taught. When
I visited the Philippines, I saw many children roaming the streets
looking for food and shelter; they had no one to take care of them. I
want to be the person to help out the children who don’t have
anyone to help them. If I were to come back many years later, I know
that I made a difference whether it was in the teachers or the
students because I taught them something. Even if I just made a
difference to one person there, I know that I somehow changed their
life and that they’ll somehow change someone else’s life.

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