Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Young Volunteers of America

Name: Whitney Ellen Shorty
From: Chinle, Arizona
Grade: High School Senior
School: Chinle High School
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Volunteers of America

Ellen Shorty

Growing up on the Navajo Nation it’s really hard to find a place to volunteer or
devote your time. The community doesn’t want other people to know
about their business or their lifestyle because they are ashamed. The
places I try to devote my time would be Toys for Tots at one of the
Elementary schools in the community. The reason why I give back to
that organizations is because young kiddos don’t get the chance to
get a Christmas gift from their parents or their families due to
money issues.

I’ve been volunteering for 4 years. 7 days, and 6 hours every Christmas. Every
year I help out my family to wrap up gifts. The responsibilities I
have to learn to be there on time or have to make myself there
because if I don’t show up who will help? Who will make up for what
I lost? Will they make their deadline? Like those thoughts would
creep in my mind. And make it difficult for me to have a ride to get
to town. I had to balance out what’s important or not.

The satisfaction that I got out of this would be seeing children getting gifts and
seeing smiles on their faces, looking at their eyes getting bigger.
Excited on their gift. Just experiencing that brings joys to your
heart, because just for a brief moment that makes your heart happy
and makes you feel good. Basically, brings joy to your soul. What I
learn from this would be devote yourself to volunteering and you
could see what good can come out of it.

This can overlap in my field of study, because seeing smiles on children’s faces can
actually heal you. I want to become a Pediatrician and the smiles I
see or want to see in the future keeps me motivated. Like I want to
work to see children happy. If their happy I’m happy. By this kind
of volunteering I have done in my community, probably would start a
flame or a spark so other children or adults can do the same in their
community. Maybe in the city they can start their own Toys for Tots
and give gifts to the foster homes or orphanages. This kind of deed
can’t be only done in the Navajo Nation but in other reservations,
just have a place on where the presents can go. The presents are
donated by the army. Twenty years later, this type of volunteering
will make me see people or myself differently. Because it will teach
me how to be kind and share and not turn my head when I see an
unhappy but make me want to go over to them and help with everything
I can and do.

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