Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Young Women in STEM

Name: Diana Sosa
From: Houston, Texas
Grade: 12
School: Victory Early College High School
Votes: 0

Growing up, I never really felt like I stood out. I was only one of
many smart, talented kids. I was only one of many girls with French
braids, frilly dresses, and black Mary Janes. I was only one of many
baby-faced children with gap tooth smiles and innocent thoughts.
However, while I did not stand out, I also did not feel as though I
actually fit in. It was like every one else’s world was painted pearl
while mine was colored eggshell. I always felt that I was just
outside the box hiding behind a crystal-clear glass door, where I was
only allowed to look but to never enter. The knob was there, but it
never seemed to be able to turn, no mattered how hard and long I
tried. No matter how bad I truly wanted to get in and be a part of
something, the door just would not budge. As far as I was concerned,
I was alone.

I opulent wish this
loneliness on anyone, so I have dedicated myself to helping young
women achieve their goals, especially females joining male dominated
STEM fields. This is why I have become an advocate for all young
girls interested in science and math and who want pursue a career in
those fields. I have experienced the burden of being alone even when
surrounded by people. I understand what it feels like to not fit in.
I know how horrible it can be to feel as though there’s no one else
you can connect to. I would never want anyone to feel as I did.
Through my experience, I have found the strength to become a future
pillar of the engineering community. I have found my passion and
nothing on this earth will stop me from pursuing it. I am to become
one of many black sheep out there who will rise and become incredible
STEM leaders.

Because of this
epidemic of misogyny, I try my best to be an advocate for women in
STEM. In fact, I am currently serving as treasurer and the only
female senior officer of my school’s science and engineering club.
When I can, I like to talk to the few female members of the club to
encourage them and offer support whenever it is needed. Since I am a
senior, many underclassmen often ask me of how they can advance
themselves on the path of becoming STEM major which is always a
pleasure to answer. However, there are also times in which an girl
realizes that STEM is not for her; in these cases, I hope to lead the
girl onto a path where she can discover her true dreams and passions
even if it’s not what I want. In conclusion, I believe that what I’m
trying to do is serving a greater good and hopefully I can continue
this and more well into my university years.

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