Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – youth Forward

Name: Kathy Dancer
From: Cedar Springs, Mi
Grade: 12th grade senior
School: Cedar Springs High school or Grace Bible College
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Forward Scholarship

Live It Up

The general term youth is a generalization of teenagers from the age of
13 to 18 years of age, and when I hear the word youth I think of
Youth ministry or youth group. Youth ministry has played a major role
in my life, and is the field I plan to study in as I go off to
college this upcoming fall of 2016. Youth ministry has helped me in a
way that is indescribable, and I have been inspired to give back and
help “youth” like me the way I have been helped. I have started
this process by not only continuing to attend my youth group, but
volunteering on thursday nights for the last year at the junior high
youth group at my church. In which consists of 6th through 8th
graders, the three years of life where you don’t know who you are,
where to find your true identity, or what life has to offer.I have
been volunteering there for a little less than a year, but I have
learned many great things from this opportunity, patience, how to
mentor young girls to become Godly women, and building relationships.
It was in some of those years that I came across my giants: struggles
I find hard to overcome, anything in which bogs you down, and pushes
you to the breaking point; from 7th to 10th grade were my hardest
years, in which I came across my goliath, the biggest giant of all, I
was bullied for four years and was indeed pushed to the breaking
point and in the midst of that struggle I came across something life
changing; youth ministry. Youth ministry, changed my life for the
greater good, and in that I want to give back and live it up by
helping the younger generations the way I have been helped, by
forming relationships, being a mentor to those who are lost, and
willing to listen to the hurting or broken. I have always dreamed of
making the world a better place, and I simply as one person cannot
merely conquer the whole world but I like a drop in the ocean can
start a ripple effect, by starting with one person which turns into
two, then ten, and goes onto to be hundreds of thousands of people
whose lives have been changed in the process of one simple goal; not
being afraid of the obstacles in front of me, living in a way that
glorifies God, and be a light on the hill for all to see. I like
Peter of the Bible want to step outside the boat, or my comfort zone
in a sense, and be willing to let God do the impossible in my life.
So in this I say that making the world a better place for all the
tomorrows i’m going to take many steps and live one day at a time,
but until then I must stay positive, keep my eyes above the waves,
push through towards my goals of helping those in need and be the
light of the world to live it up.

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