Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Youth Forward Scholarship 2016

Name: Rhidika Zakaria
From: Cumming, Georgia
Grade: 12
School: South Forsyth High School
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Forward Scholarship 2016

A “forward looking” activity is a meaningful activity that gives
you an experience to help shape your future. For me, this activity
was volunteering at the South Georgia Farmworkers Health Project.
Over the years, I have volunteered at numerous events for the various
clubs that I have been involved in. I have tutored other students,
helped during orientation for new students, volunteered at senior
living homes, and much more; however, the South Georgia Farmworkers
Health Project was the most important to me. I volunteered here for
two days over summer, but in those two days I was able to gain
valuable experiences.
had the opportunity to work with physician’s assistant students as
they saw patients. My tasks were to take patients to get their
medication at the pharmacy tent, give them gift bags and explain the
use of each of the items in there, and take them to the free clothing
and shoes tent. The biggest issue we faced was the language barrier
since most of the farmworkers only spoke Spanish; however, we were
able to overcome this because several Spanish speaking interpreters
also volunteered.

Over the course of the two days that I was there, I was able to learn
about basic medical procedures, such as checking blood pressure, ears
and eyes; however this experience also allowed me to explore the
medical field outside of the traditional clinical setting and gain a
better understanding of what it means to be a doctor. In order to be
a doctor you need to be passionate about the profession and
compassionate towards your patients, and I got to see this
first-hand. Learning about the check-up process and practicing the
skills that I learned gave me hands-on experience and increased my
interest in medicine. Hearing the patients talk about their
experiences and hearing the physician-patient interactions also
showed me the compassionate human interaction.

When I decided to volunteer at this project, I did so because I wanted an
experience that I could learn from. I wanted the experience of
meeting people from different walks of life, hearing their stories,
interacting with them and caring for them as you would a member of
your family. What I got was all of that and more. I was able to put
names and faces to the percentages that we always hear about. Though
my time spent there was short, it had a huge impact on me and I know
that looking back at this experience years later, it will still have
as much meaning then as it did before. Learning everything that I did
from this event and being able to take part of this community service
project was truly satisfying. I hope to become a doctor in the
future, and this experience definitely heightened my interest in
medicine as well as my desire to help people. I hope that in the
future I can combat this issue of limited healthcare and educate more
people about their health by using my education and passion.

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