Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Youth Forward Scholarship

Name: Kaelyn Collins
From: Detroit, MI
Grade: 11
School: Cass Technical High School
Votes: 374

Youth Forward Scholarship

I realized the importance of giving back to the community at a very
young age. I was a junior Girl Scout for two years; from ages 9-11.
Volunteering is an important aspect of being a Girl Scout. Each month
we would participate in a service project. Some of these service
projects included; feeding the homeless, collecting canned foods for
local food banks and picking up trash at local parks. Currently, I am
a member of the National Honors Society at my high school and also a
member of the Delta Gem’s, a teen auxiliary organization sponsored
by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. As a member of the National Honors
Society it is required that each member volunteers twice a month;
however, the events vary and the type of volunteer work is different.
I enjoy volunteering at food drives, collecting items and working at
homeless shelters. This type of volunteer work provides me with the
most satisfaction because I feel like I am directly helping others.
Seeing the joy, happiness and gratitude from people who have to
endure great hardships on a daily basis makes me feel like I am truly
making a difference. The hardest part of this experience is
witnessing people who are struggling and seeing the conditions they
are in. Some people look very sick and frail because they do not have
access to regular meals. Volunteering is something I plan on doing
for the rest of my life. Any organization I take part in I will
ensure that I use whatever gifts I have to give back to those less
fortunate than myself. Helping others and helping to better my
community is something I am deeply dedicated to.

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