Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Youth Forward Scholarship Essay

Name: Havyn Lyndsi Colon
From: cypress, Texas
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Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you
can use to change the world”. Attending and graduating college has
been something that my parents, and grandparents have instilled in me
since I was a little girl. It was a challenge for my grandparents to
attend college because of the color of their skin, and the
environment in which they lived. The stories that they have shared
with me throughout my life, motivated me to want to attend college
someday to make them proud, and help my peers to have the same goal
of attending college as well. I now have become a
“college-enthusiast”. I become excited by visiting college
campuses, and learning their rich  history. As I have grown
older I have realized that not all kids, teens or even adults have
the same desire to attend college, nor do they have “college
knowledge.” To pay my rent I make sure that I share MY knowledge
on college information, and help motivate others to attend and
graduate from college! To further my knack for education, and help my
friends and peers I started my own business called CollegeME. which
is a dynamic movement that encourages all youth to become equally
excited as I am to attend college, and claim it for their future. The
emphasis on the word “ME” is to constantly remind ourselves and
the outside world that going to college is an attainable goal!
Through the website I created (
I feature a new college each month that I have already personally
toured, and provide my opinion of the campus and some
information on that school! For example the first school I posted on
my website was Howard University. After I took my tour, I provided my
opinion of the campus and the student body and gave information like
the gender ratio, acceptance rate, mascot, population, tuition, and
more! I do this monthly to provide information on a variety of
different colleges and show what they look like to those kids who may
not know tons of information on different colleges around the nation.
What ultimately gives me satisfaction is that designed CollegeME. to
create an energy and a movement amongst my peers to want to go
to college and be a positive role model for some other young kids. In
addition to my website I created my own CollegeME. brand. I now sell
T-shirts, backpacks, piggy banks, and journals to continue reminding
and enforcing the idea that going to college is a MOVEMENT that you
must join! Through my business CollegeME. I have learned to use my
talent, and creativity to effectively bridge the gap between my
passion and service to others in need public service is so vital
to this world because it uplifts others and helps them to be all that
they can be so they can CHANGE THE WORLD. Like Maya Angelou said
“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is

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