Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Youth Forward Scholarship Essay

Name: Isaiah Martin Gurule
From: Bernalillo, New Mexico
Grade: Junior
School: Bernalillo High School
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Forward Scholarship Essay

The meaning and definition of volunteering is to freely offer to help
with anything with out expecting and receiving pay of any sort.
Volunteering is a good way to connect with your community, friends,
family, or even friendly strangers doing the same. Lots of people say
volunteering is a waste of time because you don’t get paid or
rewarded with anything, but I think the true reward is connecting,
bonding and helping your community out of the kindness of your heart.
When someone volunteers it reflects good character in the individual,
and shows others that they don’t need any kind of payment when it
comes to picking up trash for your community, helping at a retirement
center, ect.

I have personally volunteered at the Placitas Community Center ever
since I was a child. I would help pick up trash around the areas of
the building, helped senior citizens walk or get exercise, help serve
food when there is no one that wants to help. I have also been
involved in the program named Involvement, preventing the use of
tobacco products in house holds and schools. I personally have
volunteered at the Placitas Community Center for more than just
hours, my grandmother worked there so I would go with her every day to
go help with anything they would need help with because im young. My
responsibilities were to make sure there wasn’t any trash inside or
outside, help with any heavy lifting, helping senior citizens walk or
get exercise, helping serve food. And in Involvement we had to have
people do a quiz about hookah and the facts behind it.

My biggest challenge as a person whom volunteers was dealing with people
who were straight up rude and just dealing with people with attitudes
that wouldn’t be very good, it was hard dealing with them when
they’re rude. Ive learned to “just smile” and “kill them with
kindness”. Working with older people my whole life basically has
tought me lots of things. First, don’t be rude if someone is rude
to you, be as nice as you can. Second, take everything with a grain
of salt. Third, cherish the moments you have with the people whom you
love and care for. Fourth, not everything in life will benefit you as
if its getting paid or getting everything handed to you. Lastly, Ive
learned to appreciate what you have and not take it for granted.

The biggest satisfaction ive had working as a volunteer is seeing smiles
on senior citizens faces because they always look so depressed and
when I talk to them I make them smile and it feels like I brung life
back into that person by being generous. Being ive volunteered a lot
as I was a kid ive learned to cherish the moments that matter in
life, also to forgive but never forget. Ive also learned how to
control what I say in front of others like if someone is really rude
to be the kindest nicest person you can be, no matter how bad or
weird it makes you feel to not say anything back to them.

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