Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Youth Forward Scholarship Essay

Name: Azsaunna Bryant
From: Albany, Georgia
Grade: college freshman
School: Albany Technical College
Votes: 20

I practice the philosophy “It’s not what you can do for you, but what you can
do to help others every day. As a potential scholar for The Youth
Forward Scholarship it’s expected for me to understand, acknowledge
but most importantly live by the core philosophies; one being
“volunteerism” and correlate how it is related to my interest and
career goals. I will fulfil this by dedicating my time to
organizations and communities by expressing my passion of creative
design, and volunteering in a youth mentor program. Finally, I will
commit to doing at least one thing that could positively affect a
person or any living thing on the planet every day.

The first time I fully understood what community service was when I
volunteered for The Salvation Army to serve a Christmas dinner in
2005. I didn’t understand why I was there instead of opening, but
when I saw the kids who had nothing except the dinner, my heart
poured with compassion. Ever since then I have learned that
volunteering is about positive change. As a volunteer my
responsibilities are to make this world a better place, inspire my
community, be a role model to younger kids, and change lives. Since I
am older I can make an impact on a larger scale. I plan to improve
the appearance of communities with DIY projects. Many projects will
involve community members which will help them receive the benefit of
improved neighborhood and let them enjoy the beautiful feeling that
volunteering gives you. My biggest challenge as a volunteer is seeing
the lack of youth not participating and experiencing its’ life
changing effects. Therefore, I plan to join a mentoring program while
I am in school and teach kids about the core values to community
service and how it positively affects your career and interest. Being
a mentor correlates to my career goals because it helps me develop
skills to become a leader and practice problem solving skills.
Displaying how volunteering is fun will encourage them to get friends

Finally, I will commit myself to do an act of community service every day. You don’t
have to dedicating hours for something to be considered community
service. Picking up trash outside, give money to the homeless, and
asking to help someone is an act of community service. Once people
see you doing it, they will eventually begin to do the same. This is
proven by Erikson’s Theory of Peer Pressure after all, if any peer
pressure is being projected it should be positive peer pressure to
help improve an individual’s action.

Overall the greatest reward of doing community service is going home knowing you
made a difference in the world. In the long run when you look back
you will know that your efforts to serve your community will last a
lifetime because you gave every effort your all. Without hesitation,
I dedicate myself to each service I have listed and will fulfill them
with excellence.

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