Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Youth Foward Scholarship

Name: Malick Niane
From: Boston, MA
Grade: High School Senior
School: Fenway High School
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Malick Niane Youth Forward Scholarship

During my sophomore year in high school I volunteered at the Museum of
Science’s Eyeopener program. The Eyeopener program is designed for
elementary schools around Massachusetts who bring a class of second
graders to the museum. Every week I partnered up with another adult
volunteer to show the second graders around the museum. The special
thing about the Eyeopener program was that the kids got to see the
Butterfly Garden, and the Live Animal Center. These two parts of the
museum were either not open to the public, or cost extra. By the end
of the program I had volunteered over fifty hours.

In the beginning of the year when I was still learning my way around the
museum one of my volunteers was sick and had lost her voice. She was
still able to tour the kids, but could not lead the tour due to her
voice. She asked me to lead the tour for that day. At first I was
nervous since I was still getting used to touring the kids, but then
I realized that leading the tour was even more fun than just being at
the end of the line. After that day I was a lot more active in my
role as a tour guide. Being more involved with the tours not only
helped me learn the museum faster, which is important when giving
tours, but it also helped me become more comfortable when dealing
with young children.

For almost a year now I have been a mentor assistant with ARKanum, a
youth group for muslim teens. ARKanum is organized into six different
groups, three boys and three girls. Each group has a mentor and a
mentor assistant. The mentor of my group is also the director of the
program which means that he is often very busy. There have been many
instances when I have had to work with the group on my own because
the director was busy planning for other sessions, or doing something
else for ARKanum. Like at the museum, the first time I was left in
charge I felt like I was not ready for the responsibility. Now my
group is so used to me being in charge that I feel as if I am already
a mentor.

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