Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – You’ve seen it, but what are you going to do?

Name: Philip Marr
From: Slidell, Louisiana
Grade: High School Junior
School: Northshore High School
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Looking at pictures from mission trips I had been on over the past two years,
I had a realization; I’ve seen hardships not only across this
country and my own community, so what can I do to help it? I first
remembered the good times with friends, playing Frisbee on a beach in
Panama City all through the warm July night and finding a love for
playing music at the Center for Student Missions in Houston with a
guitar playing friend of mine, Joey. Soon though, I caught glimpses
of the amount of good we had done over those two weeks. My group in
Panama had moved tow tons of nonperishable food items for the local
mission in a few hours; being able to look into the garage that was
now full top to bottom with boxes of meals for families around the
panhandle of Florida really filled me with a sense of joy and pride.
The next summer, in Houston, I helped make bag lunches for the
homeless community and even had the opportunity to help some of them
at a food kitchen and a shelter right in the heart of the city.
Looking back at these memories, high points of my early teenage
years, and I thought about my own community. I’m from a community
that is no stranger to hardship; a born and raised citizen of
Slidell, Louisiana, a city a part of the Greater New Orleans Area, we
have seen our community struggle through everything from homelessness
to hurricanes. Even through these hardships, we have always been able
to ban together to lift each other back up. This was always something
I admired, and it was one of the main reasons I wanted to be a
life-long volunteer and answer the question, “What am I going to
do?” That school year, I began my high school career at Northshore
High. I was immediately drawn to the school’s chapter of the
National Beta Club, a club centered on the principles of academic
achievement and leading our peers by serving others. Since then, I
have logged over 80 hours with the various services projects that
they have partaken in over the years and become the club’s
co-secretary. Also I am a member of the National Honor Society and
the Northshore Student Ambassadors, two selective clubs that select
their members on not only academic achievement, but also how much the
students partake in community service outreach. Along with
Northshore’s service organizations, I also give time to the Epworth
Project. The Epworth Project is a local branch of Northshore Disaster
Recovery Incorporated that serves the Greater New Orleans Area by
providing much needed home repair. Along with working with them full
time over the summer as a site manager, I participate in the various
projects that they have during the year. Still holding on the
tradition of my summer trips, I have given my time, sweat, and heart
trying to help the community that I love and admire so much.

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