Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – A Commitment to Rebuilding a Town

Name: Kaitlyn Szprychel
From: Westville, Indiana
Grade: 11
School: Chesterton High School
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Forward Scholarship

Commitment to Rebuilding a Town

            Rebuilding Duneland is an organization that I have taken part with for the past
two years. Rebuilding Duneland is dedicated to helping the Duneland
community, by taking volunteers to clean up people’s homes who are
unable to do so themselves, build roofs and other related things for
people, and clean up public places throughout the town.

The impact of helping those in my community, by cleaning up landscape,
planting flowers and trees, and cleaning up a public park are only a
few things that I have done through Rebuilding Duneland. With these
experiences, I have learned the value of helping others purely for
the goodness of society, which is a lesson I can take with me
wherever life takes me.

The first time I participated in Rebuilding Duneland, my group’s
assignment was to help polish up the landscape of an older man’s
lawn, because he was physically unable to. We replaced the soil,
planted new trees, and built him a flower garden above the ground so
that he could water and tend to the plants without having to bend
over. When the man came home and saw the end result, his reaction is
something that fueled a feeling of absolute happiness within me.

The second year that I took part in the program was when I helped to
clean up a park in the community. We cleaned it up in late April, so
it was just before people coming to the park would start up again. We
picked up sticks, fixed the sand in the volleyball court, and spent
countless hours just picking up all the trash. The leader of my group
talked to us about the impact that our help would bring to the area,
again filling me with complete happiness.

The commitment that I have to the Rebuilding Duneland program has taught
me to be dedicated to something that can really make a difference in
my small town. Without these experiences, I would not have had the
privilege of getting to know the people that I helped. I am so
fortunate to live in a town where programs like this exist, so that I
can make my mark on the community in a positive way.

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