Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Basketball

Name: Alexius A Archibald jr
From: Kissimmee, Fl
Grade: High school junior
School: Heritage Christian School
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I volunteered at
a local sports program called the Poinciana Youth Sports Association
(PYSA) for basketball. It is located in Kissimmee, Florida and it’s
a way to get kids to stop hanging in the streets but also get their
bodies moving. Basketball can be an outlet either to get your mind
off things, or to get really good and make money off of it and get
your family out of the hood and trouble. Basketball is an amazing
sport that I don’t even know what I would do without it. It has
always been there for me and it brings people together for a time of
fun and laughter. I volunteered usually on the weekends from 7 or 8 I
the morning all the way 3 sometimes 4 o clock. I would sometimes go
to practices on Wednesdays and help the coaches train their players.
When I was their volunteering I had to keep score or do stats for the
teams. I would coach an age group and I would help with concessions.
Of course at the end I had to help pick up trash and clean up the gym
and stuff. My biggest challenge was some angry parents complaining
about playtime. I did what it took to win as a coach and some kids
just didn’t cut it. They would get to play just not as much as
other kids. You get the most satisfaction when you’re watching the
kids just have a good time and especially when they score. Their eyes
light up and jump up and down it is the cutest thing. I learned that
how to work with kids and just all people in general. Well for my
future since I might want to go into sports management I’m going to
have to deal with this stuff in a daily basis so it was a huge help
for that.

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