Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Becoming a Youth Leader

Name: Delilah Maria Gonzalez
From: kayenta , arizona
Grade: 12th grade
School: Monument Valley High School
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chose to volunteer in a small town called Dennehotso. The church that
I chose to volunteer at is called AG Church. I chose to be there
because, well, I was a sophomore back then when I joined and it was a
lot closer, only 5 minutes away. I had nothing to do every time I
would come home from school or even on weekends I barely went
anywhere. So I come from a Christian family, all my cousins and
friends there in that town always went to church growing up. They
always went to Sunday school and youth nights. So I decided to start
going and change who I am and put God in my heart. And I loved it
when I went, everyone was so nice and we had fun and ate a lot. I
also learned so much things I never really knew. I actually been
volunteering for about 3 years now, 156 weeks, and 36 months of so
much fun. As a youth in the church group, my responsibilities were
listening and just praying and spreading the gospel. I had to be the
older youth to the little youths. The biggest challenge as a
volunteer was becoming a better person, becoming a child of God. And
this was challenging for me because I grew up with a mother who
always partied and drank. So just bad things I grew up with, I cursed
so much, I smoked marijuana, and just hung around with wrong crowds.
But that’s all changed now, and I’m proud.

thing that has given me satisfaction as a volunteer would be having
my friends and family close to me, and praying for each other because
we all knew what we were going through whether at home, school, or
work. We always talked about it, prayed about it and solved things
together just to see each other smile. What I have learned in my
volunteer position is not to be a two faced person, being a Christian
just at church, you have to be Christian even out there in the world.
God works in mysterious ways, let him into your heart and you’ll be
happy. You’ll become a better person if you let Christ into your
heart and you work very well with other youth teens within your
church and at different churches. Now that was my experience was
being a youth at church. I think that forward looking relates to my
story because in life maybe you want to become a priest, pastor,
preacher or just a youth leader. Changes I seek to foster around the
world would be peace and love. I wish that everyone would be happy
together and just enjoy life. I think my volunteering would make a
difference, because they younger youth kids will look up to us older
teen youths and maybe want to change the world into a better and
peaceful place. For everyone to go to heaven and be happy. Not

My interest and goal career
would relate to this because being a nurse takes a loving, caring,
faithful nurse for children. To heel the ones who are hurt. So
becoming a youth in my teen’s days was the best experience and it
still goes on till this day. Maybe one day I’ll be a youth leader,
who knows. Or I’ll be a preacher to my future family. Joining or
volunteering in youth activities is very fun. You learn so much
interesting things and also experience great things.

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