Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Being Kind, Becoming Humble

Name: Starr Mckay
From: Altamonte Springs, FL
Grade: 11 / Class of '17
School: Starr Mckay
Votes: 0

Throughout my life, I have completed several volunteering projects and loved every minute of them. My acts of kindness include: serving the homeless on holidays, tutoring elementary students, helping my out school organize storage for the next school year, sorting through clothes and cleaning in a thigh store, communing the sick from my church, and other countless act. I cherish all the people I have touched and offered my services to; and I appreciate them for letting me have the opportunity to be apart of their lives and organizations.

When you can help others who are not fortunate enough to help themselves- it touches your heart. It can open your eyes to the realization of how blessed one can be. We must not take our lives or our everyday blessings for granted. There are those who cannot accomplish the simple things in life – that we do without a second thought.

Walking through those hallways of rehabilitation centers and hospitals while caring for the sick during communion, I was in deep thought as I observed different obstacles in others way for them to succeed tasks that I thought we easy and did without a care. The experiences I have went through as a volunteer are humbling. I chose this certain type of volunteering because I wanted to visit my church members and pray for them. I did this every Saturday before First Sunday for two
years. I was responsible for getting the Communion juice and cracker ready for our members. My position taught me responsibility and care. My biggest challenge was to not cry; some of their predicaments were too hard to understand- whether it be they had no family checking on them, the body was too weak to even drink the juice, etc.

All of my volunteering helped the community by feeding those who have not eaten in days. guiding the youth in helping them accomplish all of their deepest goals, finding clothes for those who do not have any, and the most important- giving reassurance to those who think this is the end and to abandon the thoughts of not overcoming obstacles in life that may leave one with sorrow and heartbreak. Ten years from now, I care remember the time I helped a soul and eased the pain for a crying family. My volunteering activities made a difference because I helped others undertake challenges they did not think they could accomplish.

My goals are to go to college, earn a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and later in life go to law school. My volunteering work helped me realize different thing others can go through behind closed doors – everyone has a story. It taught me hard work, dedication, and motivation- all in which I will use in the near future. Forward- Looking means to look beyond the future, while planning for it. My activity is forward- looking because I encouraged one to keep pushing until change comes about in the future.

Volunteering let me give of myself. It humbled me; and the experiences will last more than a lifetime. All were blessings that I will continue to do throughout my life. I will encourage others to follow me. If we can all form a unity and lend helping hands to another – WE CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING!.

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