Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Big Smiles Small Contribution

Name: Sujin Kim Ramos
From: Moreno Valley , California
Grade: 10
School: Valley View High School
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This year I was granted the opportunity to join a club called the
National Honors Society. I didn’t know much about what I would
encounter however, once I heard more about it I knew it was a place
for me. I’ve always felt the need to help out my community as I saw
the earth being polluted and the increase of homeless people. I’ve
heard several stories about family members who were lost and
homeless, which hit home because my uncle suffered with alcoholism
and eventually became homeless. He lost his family, friends, job, and
most importantly himself. This motivated me to give back to the
homeless community because If I could find my uncle I would help him
and not view him as the lost soul of his current life but love him
for his vibrant soul from his past life. National Honors Society,
motivated me to give back to my community by volunteering at child
care services, church school, and tutoring. However, I knew I could
do more so I started buying items and putting them into zip lock bags
to pass out to the homeless people in my community. It was incredible
how such a small contribution could bring such big smiles on their
faces. Within the National Honors Society I completed forty hours of
community service per semester and on Sundays I would spend about an
hour per week handing out zip lock bags to the homeless. Helping
child care services made me develop skills I needed to improve like
patience; learning to grab the attention of children and keeping it
was quit the challenge. When I would go out every Sunday to give back
to the homeless the hardest part was knowing I couldn’t give them
more until later in my life. On the other hand, volunteering with the
homeless and seeing their living conditions made me want to give more
to the people in need. I learned that I wanted to become a nurse so I
could travel with my church to missionaries and help out those less
fortunate in third world countries.

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