Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Bringing youth together

Name: Kayla Gloss
From: Brighton, MA
Grade: 11
School: Mary Lyon Pilot High School
Votes: 49


           The area in which I chose to volunteer is coaching softball to youth in
my city within the RBI program, which stands for Reviving Baseball in
Inner Cities. I chose this because I wanted to be apart of a program
that provides an opportunity for kids ages 5-18 to play baseball and
softball and be able to teach kids something that I enjoy doing
myself. In 2015 I was given the opportunity to coach softball to
12-15 year olds. This consisted of 3-6 hours on the weekends for
games and 4-6 hours during the week for practices. My
responsibilities as a coach were to not only teach them how to play
the game but also teach them how to show respect towards their
teammates and how to maintain a good attitude on and off the field.

My biggest challenge as a volunteer was stepping outside my comfort zone
and get rid of my fear of public speaking. In order to be a coach I
needed to be able to raise my voice in order to communicate with my

Being a coach I got to see things that I normally don’t see from being a
player, which is what gave me the most satisfaction as a volunteer, I
got to see how the girls on my team worked together to communicate on
and off the field.

Volunteering as a coach has taught me many things, such as how important it is to
give back to your community and how reacts differently to certain
situations and how to help them.

            In softball, it’s the coach’s job to build up kinds physically and
make them feel confident. My career goal is to become a nurse, within
nursing you need to do the same especially working with kids. My
interests include working with kids and helping people. What “forward
looking” means to me is setting a goal for the future and taking
steps and risks to complete and meet that goal. There are a lot of
changes that I seek to foster in the world through my volunteer work,
such as teaching kids how to work together and build up their
confidence. Also, I believe i will see more kids being involved with
their community. I believe that in ten to thirty years my volunteer
work would have “made a difference” I think my coaching would
have had a big impact on my players and teach them to be more
connected with their community and peers.

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