Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Building a community

Name: Paull Midili
From: Zephyrhills, Fl
Grade: 11
School: Bishop Mclaughlin Catholic
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a Community

it comes to building a community, volunteer work is one of the most
instrumental factors. Many different institutions that make areas
pleasant are non profit and rely on help from people that are willing
to volunteer their time to make ends meet. For example, I completed
most of my volunteer hours that are needed to graduate through
helping my local library. At the library,many different activities
were held that put a smile on numerous faces of a variety of ages. I
did things such as help out on different arts and craft events based
on children’s books where kids would be there all day and listen to a
story then build various things such as key characters that were in a
novel or even what they thought a castle looked like in the book.
This helps the kids to become creative in a unique and fun way. On
another day, I would use my knowledge of technology to help elderly
people learn how to use their laptops and desktops at home as well as
even teaching them how to text and use different applications on
their phones. The reward for me was the smiles that were on
everyone’s faces that would brighten anyone’s day.

other way that I earned my service hours was through an organization
called “Feeding America Tampa Bay”. In this organization I was
able to help many unfortunate families survive the week and stay
above water while trying to support the rest of their family. My duty
was to go to different stores and ask for any food that they could
spare or no longer sell and collect it. I would put it in the back of
my truck and then transport it to my father’s workplace. From their
people would show up by the dozens to get food to get their families
through that week. One of my happiest experiences was the gratitude
that the people show seeing that they will not be going hungry. At
one point we collected hundreds of pounds of food and on that
particular run we were able to feed a number of people estimated to
be over 200. That feeling is unparalleled.

my duties that I have inherited in the community, I have also
encountered a couple of obstacles along the way. THis has come
through the fact that I am still in school and I have a baseball
schedule that includes 5 days a week and sometimes even more when I
have surprise practice on saturdays and tournaments that pop up and I
need to cooperate with. I am normally at least free on sundays which
I normally make a way to commit to spending it bettering the
community. Even after I have completed all the mandatory hours for my
school, I continue to try to stay dedicated to helping the community.
This is due to that feeling that I keep repeating that makes you feel
unlike anything else.

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